Are you hungover?


Most people for their hangover use the simple recipe of a lot of water, 2 Advil’s, and a dark room. Here are a few cures some other people have tried…

Some people drink straight up pickle juice. The salty electrolytes in it help your body recover faster.


Greasy food such as hamburgers, French fries, bacon…etc. The food itself will soak up some of the alcohol and eating will start a simple placebo effect so if you think your feeling better you will start to feel better.


Eating straight up lemons and limes. The fructose and citric acid will help metabolize alcohol faster. Some people believe that rubbing a slice of lemon un your armpit before you start drinking will also lessen the hangover…


Going to a sauna will help sweat out toxins and hopefully distract from the hangover discomfort.



Many different societies also thought droppings from an animal such as a rabbit in your drink would also cure a hangover. Now granted many of these are older societies so they didn’t understand modern medical sciences however, some people still practice it today.


Bloody Mary’s (the drink not saying it in the mirror 3 times). Sometimes the best way to get rid of a hangover is to party on into the next day.


Banana milkshakes or smoothies will refuel an aching body after a long night out. Combine a banana with ½ cup of milk and a few ice cubes. It is high in vitamin B and it should sooth the stomach.


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