Music defines generations. Whether it’s the music we grew up with as kids, or the hits of today, it’s always a good way to remember a certain point of our lives. Every summer, there’s always a select few songs that help define the season, and these are the songs of summer that will always be remembered.

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There’s always a lot of things that can be done in summertime-parties, going to the beach, heading out for a nice evening happy hour, or even just sitting at home, enjoying some time off.  Whether you’re on the dance floor for just “one dance”, or relaxing with some “cold water” after a rough night of partying, you will have many memorable experiences during the summer. You might feel down sometimes because you’ll have to “work” instead of partying, but later in the day you’ll be able to “light it up” when you go out and hit the town! Perhaps you’ll feel like you’re in “paradise” once you’ve had something to drink, and you’ll know that it’s “what you came for”.

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Going out can be difficult though, because you don’t want to be “let down”. Whether this includes you not getting that drink “for free”, or failing to get those “cheap thrills” that you aren’t getting after being dragged out by your friends, just remember that summer isn’t just about one night- it’s about the entire experience. Perhaps you’ll meet a “dangerous woman” while out, but if you decide to not go out, you could just “work from home”.

Whatever you decide, just make sure you have one of the best summers you can. From all your friends at College Packs, get out there and have a kick ass summer of 2016!

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