No one wants to be the unprepared kid on move-in day. First impressions are everything, so we surveyed our ambassadors to see what they suggested for incoming freshman. Here are the top 10 things every college freshman needs before moving in:

  1. Snacks

Various types of snacks are photographed for a quiz on healthy snacking for kids to run on the AOL Healthy Living site at AOL Huffington Post headquarters in New York on Wednesday Aug. 15, 2012. (Damon Dahlen, AOL)

Snack foods are a must!! Whether it’s for a midnight study break or after a night of partying, you’ll need food when the dining areas close.


  1. Comfortable shoes


It is absolutely necessary to have a good pair of shoes to walk to and from class. Especially when you’re running late!


3. Raincoat!!

rainy day

Get yourself a good raincoat. When it rains it pours and no one wants to be soaked in class.


  1. College packs 

collegep ack

College packs will make sure you’re the coolest kid on your floor with all the coolest products. BUY NOW


  1. Portable chargers

portable chargers

There will be times when outlets are not available and portable chargers are a cheap alternative to making sure you stay connected.


  1. Tupperware


Bring Tupperware to your dining halls and save food for later. Trust me, you’ll thank yourself.

  1. Groupons/coupons


College students are poor. Groupon gives you deals to save money.


  1. Planner


Get a planner and STAY ORGANIZED!!! You’re in college, life will get busy, plan study dates, meals, and naps.


  1. Alcohol


Pretty self explanatory. Stay lit my friends.


  1. Confidence


Confidence is key to making new friends. Be yourself, be confident, and you’ll have the best four years of your life.


Find all of these and more in your next College Pack. We’re here to make sure you stay cool on campus. Be a Trendsetter.