College is an amazing, confusing, drunken, roller coaster trip that you will remember forever. How much have you changed in those four years?

First Semester Freshman:

At this stage in your college life you are very excited and very confused. You are meeting hundreds of new people every day and you probably believe you will stay friends with all of them. Your campus appears still pretty large and your figuring out how to do everything that seems to be common knowledge to other people. But you have freedom! You have blocks of time free in the middle of the day! It’s a whole new world baby. You travel to almost every meal or campus event in a large group. Hate to break it to you, but this is what you look like to everyone else.


Second Semester Freshman:

Things are still pretty exciting but you have definitely mellowed out. You have your core set of friends but you still occasionally go to lunch or dinner with a larger group of friends. You are probably in more clubs or activities than you should be but everything is still really fun and new.


First Semester Sophomore:

You now have your shit down. You understand the way the world works on your campus. “Awww look at those freshman” is a common phrase out of your mouth. If you live on campus still you probably still do have many friends in the dorms.


Second Semester Sophomore:

You are now actually really getting into the classes you like because they are for your major. You now have to seriously start thinking about internships and summer jobs. Thought such as “Do I have to get one of those? How do I get an internship? What do you mean I have to have experience to get this job? Isn’t that what I’m trying to do with applying for your job?” start to get tossed around.


First Semester Junior:

You have now moved off campus, most likely, and are now in your first real apartment. You go a little nuts trying to decorate and make it yours. Sure it has a few problems (the sink in the bathroom leaks, the floors are uneven…etc) but it’s your first. So it’s special. If you are turning 21 now, odds are you bank account is going down exponentially. Weird how those things are correlated huh? So now you have to get a job and go to class. Sucky…


Second Semester Junior:

At this point in your college experience you have your core set of friends that you wouldn’t give up for anything. You also feel more prepared to get summer internships now. You are older and wiser. You are sophisticated and turning into a real grow-up. Well sort of… Grown-ups still eat mac and cheese out of a mug because all the dishes were dirty, right?


First Semester Senior:

If you planned your 4-year plan ahead of time this semester is probably saved for your favorite classes or the classes put off to the last minute (aka freshman science or philosophy). If you had not planned, you might be figuring out now that this graduating in 4 years thing is not gonna work out so hot. Regardless, you are going to live up your last year in college! You can’t imagine living without these friends.


Second Semester Senior:

Reality has started to kick in. You are graduating soon. What are you going to do after college? Some of your friends are getting married or moving to the other side of the world. Looking through your search history comes up with stuff like “how to adult” or “how to get a job” or “what is a mortgage?’ But your still in college so you alternate between partying and living it up and wanting to stress cry in a corner.