You are getting ready for the night and super excited. You’re sure you won’t get too drunk. You’ll definitely be fine to go to work tomorrow.



You can start to feel the joys of alcohol working its magic. You feel good and happy.



Everything seems a little funny to you. Even you tripping seems hilarious right now.


“I love everyone!!!”:

Wow this is the best feeling in the world! Why don’t you get drunk more often? You suddenly realize how much you really love all your friends. Maybe you should tell them that. What if they don’t know!?!


You’re on top the world:

Nothing bad could ever happen to you ever. You probably bet you could do serious hardcore stuff like jumping from roof to roof and you would be great at it.


Dancing Time:

“I can break-dance. I can turn up. I can twerk. Everyone get out of my way I am about to show you how it’s done.”


“You know what would be so cool right now….”

This is the stage of your drunk-ness where everything you have ever wanted to do but didn’t, seems like a great idea. Have you always wanted to kiss that guy Eric? Do it. Have you always wanted to pet a penguin at the zoo? I’ll call an uber. Have you always wanted to get a tattoo of bumble bee and name it Frank. Let’s go!


Don’t feel so good:

Hmmm… Your stomach is starting to feel a little strange. I’m sure everything is totally fine but you decide maybe it’s best to go lay down on the grass. Just for a minute.


“I feel like death.”

At this point you have probably throw up maybe 4 times give or take. You’re sweating like crazy and all you want to do is sleep. However, your friends are all “trying to help” and they keep giving you crackers and water and trying to get you up. Your probably thinking, “Stupid drunk people, leave me be.” You’ll actually probably thank them in the morning but right now you simply feel like death.


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