Running out of time to plan that grand ole Fourth of July party? Collage Packs has you covered for all your party needs!

First you’ll need to start the day off right with the Pre-Game Pack.

Pre-game Pack

With shot glasses, tumblers, speakers, or uber vouchers you should be feeling good and ready to celebrate ‘merica.


Next you’ll need the Buzzed Pack.

Buzzed Pack

The buzzed pack will have you feeling happy all night long with its beer bongs, cards, flasks, or shower wine holders. Yes, shower wine holders!


You’ll also want the Beer Pong Pack.

Beer Pong Pack

Everyone loves a good game of beer pong! This pack will include the cups and Ping-Pong balls as well as glow in the dark tape and beer koozies!


Don’t forget to get the Hangover Pack.


Hangover packs will help the nasty hangover go away fast! With cures and old fashion Advil and icepacks this will make you feeling better than ever.


With all these packs, your party will instantly make your guests want to come back every weekend! Each pack is filled with cool products waiting to help make your Fourth of July celebration a success!