Millennials are revisiting their childhood by playing Niantic’s newly released highly addicting game, Pokémon GO. In the game, players can capture their own Pokémon, battle in gyms, and evolve their Pokémon. It’s basically their childhood dream of becoming a Pokémon Master! The game itself is said to be getting people more active, since you actually have to walk to find new Pokémon and access the pokéstops and gyms. I know there are many people who are too lazy to get up and walk around, so the struggle can be real, but it is all worth it in the end when you find that awesome Pokémon.

Ever since the game’s release, that’s all people are focused on, forgetting what is going on outside of the game. In particular, incoming or returning college students are more worried about who will have the best Pokémon and who will be the better Pokémon Master this upcoming fall. But what they really need to focus on is who will be the better College Master? A simple way to achieve this status is ordering College Packs! In a way, College Packs are similar to Pokémon GO. As mentioned, there are gyms and pokéstops. Gyms are available to battle and train Pokémon while the pokéstops are there for you get more supplies for your quest in becoming a Pokémon master. There are different party packs that come with cool supplies to make the party super fun. There are also more upgraded (evolved?!) VIP packs that come with even MORE cool stuff. The party packs are like pokéstops, giving you supplies to further your journey in becoming a College Master. The VIP packs are like gyms because they prove you are the best of the best.

Once your order arrives, you’ll have to walk to the mailbox to get your pack. On your way there you could be hunting for Pokémon and who knows maybe there will be a legendary hard to find super rare Pokémon hidden inside YOUR College Pack!! … Just kidding, but you could come across a hard to find super rare Pokémon when walking to the mailbox/post office to retrieve your College Pack.