When you think of an about page, you usually think of the same old standard format that every other company has done. Well we aren’t like every other company. We’re the result of two college friends, loads of ambition, and one BIG idea. To give our customers the ultimate college experience.

One fateful evening, we we’re relaxing after a long days work, sipping on some adult beverages, reflecting on our college experience and what we would do differently had we been freshmen now. The one common theme was that while the school and our parents had fully prepared us for classroom life, what we were woefully unprepared for was the COLLEGE life, the student experience, the actual moments we remembered about college. And then it hit us, why don’t we create something that does just that, that gets YOU all the materials you need for a great college experience?

After months of phone calls, emails, wheelin’ and dealin’, contracts and shipments, plus a few happy hours, we’re finally able to bring to you the product we’ve dreamt of. A monthly shipment of products that YOU want and that make YOU the most prepared for what college is really about, a good time.

And we’ll happily drink to that. Let the good times begin.