5 College Hacks  You Didn’t Know

For those of you who think you’ve figured out college, prepare to have your eyes opened anew. Here are five college hacks that will get you through the next four years.


  1. Coffee Pot Ramen

Coffee Pot Ramen

To the students who think they can survive college without coffee: here’s another reason to invest in a coffeemaker. Coffee pots work great as a hot water source for cooking ramen or even hot dogs. Your late night cravings will now be put to an end.


  1. College Pack Subscriptions

Party Subscription Box for College Students

Stay up to date with your college essentials and trendsetting products through this box subscription from College Packs. For $19.99/month, you can get a box full of college goodies including deals from Chipotle and Starbucks delivered to your dorm. You will be the first to get your hands on quirky new products and brand-name deals suited for the university student.




  1. The Chip Bag FoldCP Chip Bag

Save yourself from the gross Dorito remains on the back of your hand when reaching into the pits of the quickly emptying chip bag. This easy chip bag fold will be your best party hack. Tuck the bottom two corners into the bag and roll the bag bottom-up for an instant chip bowl.






  1. Party PacksCollege Students are Loving Their Party Products from College Packs

These party packs from College Packs will prep you for any social occasion—bring a Beer Pong Pack to your next party, or a Concert Pack for discounted ticket vouchers to anywhere! Don’t worry, there’s a Hangover Pack for tomorrow. Packs start at just $9.99.






  1. Freshmen = Free FoodCP Free Food

It may not be a bad idea to befriend the incoming freshmen. Most of them will have meal plans that come with a good number of guest passes. Grabbing lunch with them can mean getting swiped into the dining halls for free. And during the first week of school, all of campus is in a frenzy trying to recruit freshmen to their student organizations. The oft-chosen method of appeal is through free food. The best part? Nobody actually checks what year you are. Free meals are at stake, here. Befriend freshmen, be a freshman.